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#13 I'm here http://mickyslow.ml

#12 where is she from

#11 In spite of the disagreement from all the peevers, "that" works fairly well for people--as well as other pronouns. For example, peevers are people that complain without really knowing why.

#10 Really I thought #1 was referring to her belly button piercing saying, "I want that done to me."

#9 Please call and talk dirty to me or leave dirty messages. I love it - makes me wet (509)679-0002

#8 I mean #3 is wrong. sorry #1 but you too are wrong Gddaye m8

#7 Sorry #1 but tou are wrong here. He said i want that and saying that is wrong here. Because the right thing to say would be "i want those".

#6 +1

#5 I just love pedantry.

#4 i object

#3 #1 "That" is not an object, but a very nice girl, and we probably both agree. The bare minimum is to say "I want *her*" instead!

#2 me too

#1 I want that.