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#14 Hello, my name is Alisha, I want to fool around with a guy, I can be here:https://goo.gl/52W3vL my nickname Alishahot

#13 LOL, i would sue my parents if they had done that to me.

#12 #11 They are not making a point about function. They are trying to defend their parents' decision to take a knife and cut off a part of their body as infants.

#11 you can clearly see the function of the foreskin in this clip so what are you arguing about?

#10 Did you know #10 that organised religion does that too?

#9 must be difficult having to defend a condition that makes sex unenjoyable.

#8 if they can get off at all

#7 cut guys end up only able to get off on anal sex

#6 lobotomy?

#5 #4 is cut

#4 ...in stark contrast to your brain

#3 intact

#2 جه ساکی میزی بیا برامنم بزن

#1 taste my cum