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#11 #10 the creamy froth that you get on your cock from a girls vagina is her "ejaculate" some women produce very large amounts others very little. it is produced mostly by the Bartholin and Skenes glands.it is more pronounced in production when a girl reaches orgasm. porn ejaculation is piss you are correct.

#10 female ejaculation is urination, sorry dude

#9 that is urination. period end of discussion! female ejaculation is completely different.it exists but it isnt stimulated by penetration with a human penis very often especially in the position they are in. this is porn fake at its very worst. she does however have a nice clit.

#8 You didn't know?

#7 There's the evidence. Squirting is just pee

#6 Android my friend. IOS doesn't work.

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#3 firefox and chrome, safari doesn't work

#2 I have never been able to see the "Animated" images. What browser is working for people?

#1 I enjoyed that.