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#13 Fuck off with the dog stuff.

#12 If Corinna took a shit she would put a wig on it and name it corisha

#11 I'm here http://mickyslow.ml

#10 It would surprise you just how many beautiful women now days are having sex with dogs. The internet has taught them that it is SAFER sex than with another human being and it is correct. It just isn't socially acceptable so it has to be kept a closely guarded secret. http://hubbyofahotwife.tumblr.com/post/909503...

#9 if my dog caught her in this position she would be hung up with him for half an hour or more before he let her go. i would clean her up.....with my tongue!

#8 Troll talking to itself again. Can't even spell properly.

#7 LOL, the corinna crush guy defending her honor everywhere

#6 Thank God it ain't corrina

#5 Finally you are learning. But to be accurate, that is not Corinna.

#4 Goddess....A Lister....never takes a bad picture. Enough already.

#3 Her name is Carisha...she is lovely

#2 Beautiful gaL

#1 Gorgeous