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#11 Wait a minute you guys seriously is that a garbage can?

#10 Right on #8. In the US, you're free to be like everyone else.

#9 1791 years ago the vale of lies was pulled over our eyes to control Rome. now that scourge called Christianity/Muslim controls us all. here is what Christian and Muslim religions really are: male dominated, monetarily motivated, control structures that have nothing to do with solace of the soul. they only seek money and power by taking it from their followers.

#8 there is no religious freedom in the USA! tell someone you are pagan and you will loose your job, home, and likely the state will take your children. keep up the faith and believe in the Goddess. blessed be.

#7 Amen!!!!!!

#6 ah dancing naked under the moon at the solstice bonfire. such was the freedom of women until Christianity and Islam subjugated them to be a mans possession.women all have the power to ensnare and control the minds men so they had to be put under control.the old ways are coming back.

#5 burn the witches

#4 vive, vive, vive le feu


#2 in love with far right

#1 That's hot 😁