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#22 dudes like that

#21 She looks like an 80 year old woman

#20 I apologise for writing "goddess" on all these pictures. I realise now that I am the troll.

#19 the troll is a sick little puppy that is upset because she would rather fuck a real dog than him.

#18 And a confused circus midget roaming the premises. It's just like the fat dude at the high school parties who wanted to socialise but was basically just a nuisance to the rest of us making out with the girls.

#17 so we've got a blind gay dude courting a deaf mute bitch. it's not going to end well.

#16 Pay no attention to the blind gay dude trolling her pics. She is smoking hot.

#15 So sweet you're defending her honor

#14 Oh fuck off back to your cage troll. You are only 1 sick puppy. All the rest of us think she is beautiful!

#13 Garden gnomes with nausea and micropenis syndrome find this girl attractive!

#12 Bunch of jealous trolls.

#11 creepy snatch indeed

#10 looks kinda artificial - creepy

#9 oh no, not again.

#8 So very nice.

#7 no thanks

#6 The problem with #1 is that hi smother didn't abuse him as a child, so he felt rejected. He needs counselling to help him come to terms with his gayness.

#5 She is stunning

#4 Goddess

#3 WHAT is your problem? She is beautiful!!

#2 rofl

#1 no thank you. too ugly by a mile