lookup on Google Image and leave a comment if you find a good source!


#16 DAMN! Its Ashley Evans! Her profile on tinder: http://tinder.sexy/ashleyxo

#15 proof that these pics are throwaways. no photographer would release a picture where a tree grows out of the head of the model.

#14 So sweet watching the corinna defender pretending to be multiple personalities

#13 explains the feet

#12 I have checked her out. She is 7 feet tall. It is unbelievable.

#11 Put some clothes on.

#10 There are many on here who love her pictures and comment on them. The troll just answers itself to make it look like there is more than one hater. The rest of us wish it would fuck off and die and leave us to admire Corinna in peace.

#9 Gollum loves her

#8 "we" lol

#7 Beautiful.

#6 Get back in your cage troll. We think she is perfect!!

#5 Bottom feeders with no penis and a nosebleed find this girl attractive!

#4 Gorgeous!

#3 She is so pretty

#2 she has the complexion of a polystyrene sex doll

#1 Goddess!!