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#10 ayone know who these girls are?

#9 It's the excuse cut guys give each other. It's all that's left. That, and Abraham.

#8 He prob didn't have a choice in tbe matter

#7 #6 is that why you're circumcised? That pretty much takes the prize among all the excuses I've ever heard.

#6 #3 at lease his desensitized cock will last long enough without shooting his load to give the girls some pleasure unlike your over sensitive premature ejaculating uncut cock

#5 LOL

#4 shame about the idiot who doesn't know where to share his vitriol

#3 shame about the dick without sensitivity

#2 Wow, very beautiful girls, I wish I was that guy! Look at their eyes, irresistible!

#1 all about the eye contact....