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#17 I think the one with hazel eyes is cut

#16 agree #15 - so that makes male and female circumcision equal in moral terms, not matter what is cut off?

#15 It doesn't matter what % has more nerves. It's about the right to your own body. If you think you can cut into someone else's body as a child you are a child molester. Period.

#14 #13 they will defend their dad's choices to death

#13 #11 you're pretty clueless. Most (>90%) female circumcisions remove LESS sensitive tissue than what they did to you. Educate your fucking self.

#12 Adult dating for real man! http://mickyslow.ml

#11 The word moron falls woefully shy of the outrageous stupidity of someone who would equate male and female circumcision, but I'll use it anyway. #10, you are a moron!

#10 You should also circumcise girls if it really feels so good

#9 You know he feels with his cut dick? Amazing that's what he feels.

#8 http://www.thewholenetwork.org/twn-news/does-...

#7 It's easy. There's this thing called science.

#6 How would you even know??

#5 I'm SO GLAD my dick is intact - this guy feels only a fraction of what he might have

#4 hazel? brown.

#3 all hazel eyes, holy shit!! LOVE IT!

#2 If each one would find a dick, there would be four lucky dicks!

#1 one lucky dick