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#10 Actually that is the way grown women have looked for tens of thousands of years. If there was no biological reason for arm pit and pubic hair on a woman natural selection and evolution would have eliminated it. It takes biological energy and resources for the body to grow hair. The shaving thing is for fashion and for the pleasure of pedophiles to fantasize that grown women are 10 year olds.

#9 #4 what a beautiful natural woman!!! this is what a woman's pussy looks like. prepubescent girls don't have pussy hair. pedophiles love shaved pussy.

#8 #6 any man that wants a woman's clit cut off should first have the head of his cock cut off so he can understand the severity of the pain women endure with FGM and then understand the inability to have an orgasm. selfish pig!

#7 http://moggy.urlgalleries.net/blog_gallery.ph...

#6 and cut off her clit

#5 or fake tits

#4 what the fuck is this untrimmed pubic hair?the only thing worse is bad teeth


#2 take your time - i'll keep her entertained

#1 holy fuck, ill be right back dear i forgot my hedge trimmer