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#25 #22 is circumcised and somehow needs to defend it without knowing why

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#23 #23 rises above the crowd. He decides who can and cannot speak.

#22 Yes, because this is the place to discuss such things. You're all a bunch of pricks.

#21 I assure you there's not a MAN on this site who would change his penis. You girls have no standing.

#20 for exacyly the same reason we care about little girls who are mutilated because they aren't supposed to enjoy sex later... it is plain WRONG

#19 Why do you pedophiles care so much about little boy's penises?

#18 Oh the irony

#17 In the US circumcision was done because we thought it would stop masturbation.

#16 No it makes perfect sense to take out a sharp knife and start cutting into babies. Religion makes people do by the billions what only lunatics would do on their own.

#15 Circumcising children without medical reason should be a serious crime

#14 Wifey

#13 Just leave the kids alone

#12 You intact know-it-alls, go get yourselves circumcised then come back and tell us whether things are better or worse. Put your money where your mouth is.

#11 These are all feminazi women complaining. No guy worries about another guy's dick. And no guy complains his dick is not like the next guy's. Don't feed the trolls.

#10 Why is it anyone's business what another dude's dick looks like? Enjoy your own dick.

#9 so good...

#8 Look, what a cute baby. Let's hack away at it's genitals.

#7 Reserve the BJs for guys who have sensitivity in their dicks.

#6 besides the penis head becomes hardened and isn't a mucous membrane anymore - even less feeling

#5 the missing foreskin is larger than the surface of a credit card - LOTS of sensitivity lost. Such a shame.

#4 How do you arrive at this figure, 50% sensitivity?

#3 Actually he does the forskin contains thousands of nerve endings. Do your research #2

#2 #1 you don't know what you're talking about

#1 Circumcised. Poor guy. 50% sensitivity. Looks great though.