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#17 #17 are you aware there is an entire research field in pain and sensation?

#16 What we're talking about here is sensation. We cannot know with any certainty what another person feels. We can guess, but we cannot confirm our guesses. For example, when I get one of my headaches, I know for a fact it is worse than any headache you might get. How can you prove me wrong, or right? Unless you are both you AND me, you cannot. There is no valid evidence to refute that.

#15 poor cut guys

#14 Oh but now you have "read some shit in a book" again

#13 the reverse is true - anecdotal evidence is worth nothing

#12 That's so funny. The implication: There is no way of knowing anything unless you have seen or felt it yourself. What a load of horse shit.

#11 "read some shit in a book" LOL the world is going to hell. Heil Trump.

#10 #8 is the only commenter that makes sense. The rest of you boys and girls have serious emotional problems. What the hell, don't get therapy. It'll serve you right.

#9 Keep your foreskin

#8 Right, and unless you've personally been to the moon, for all you know, it is made of swiss cheese.

#7 #5, unless you've gotten circumcised as a post-virgin adult, you have no idea what you are talking about. You've only read some shit in a book, written by people who have not been both, either. Get a real purpose in life and stop worrying about little boys' dicks.

#6 #5 Neither do you.

#5 Idiot

#4 circumcision removes 10.000 nerves - and most of the pleasure of a blowjob. of course you don't know what you're missing

#3 you forgot step 1 to blowjobs: make sure he is circumcised

#2 I promise! I promise!

#1 promise me