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#12 DAMN! Its Ashley Evans! Her profile on tinder: http://tinder.sexy/ashleyxo

#11 Chinese and Korean Amateur Porn - http://forusex.com

#10 Is that scar tissue around the penis?

#9 #5 it is effective - is is much harder to masturbate without foreskin

#8 of course. it's child molestation.

#7 i would fucking sue my parents if they had done that to me

#6 such irony

#5 The original reason for the surgical removal of the foreskin, or prepuce, was to control ‘masturbatory insanity’ – the range of mental disorders that people believed were caused by the ‘polluting’ practice of ‘self-abuse.

#4 LOL. And who you have sex with. And in what positions.

#3 why is god so interested in what my dick looks like?

#2 poor insensitive cut dick

#1 I love these close up shots! More please