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#9 Women have sex with dogs. It is a fact. They have done it since the dawn of humanity. It was jealous men that made the laws against the practice. Now days with the world so over populated, women should be having sex with dogs instead of men to help lower population and at the same time have lots of intense orgasmic sex

#8 Maybe. What the corinna crush guy does certainly isn't socially acceptable.

#7 I am beginning to think the bestiality advocator is identical to the circus midget

#6 Who's this?

#5 It would surprise you just how many beautiful women now days are having sex with dogs. The internet has taught them that it is SAFER sex than with another human being and it is correct. It just isn't socially acceptable so it has to be kept a closely guarded secret. http://hubbyofahotwife.tumblr.com/post/909503...

#4 she is still biting the cover to keep from screaming out from Phideaux's knot pulling out of her pussy and she is wanting him to put it back to finish cumming on him.

#3 I like a nice Cheek...

#2 Beautiful.

#1 Yum