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#11 #11 He is just defending what his mom and dad did to him (without knowning why)

#10 #9 doesn't sound empathetic at all, wonder if that's part of his definition of being "normal and healthy"

#9 On all these pictures with dick comments, look who makes the first comment. It's always the don't-cut-your-kid crowd. Normal, healthy males don't give a rat's ass about other men's dicks.

#8 @6 & 7 haha yeah. maybe they like the way certain dicks look more ;P

#7 The people who hack off parts of babies' weeners seem to be the ones obsessed with dicks to me.

#6 Man, your obsession with dicks is annoying. Go get some gay dick and leave us alone

#5 At least the dick is intact

#4 She needs to pluck her eyebrows and paint them on instead.

#3 And cut off his toes while you're at it

#2 Nice Pecker but it needs a shave job along with the BJ...

#1 Cock contribution plan