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#19 Most female circumcisions remove a lot less tissue than what's done to boys. It's just a bit leaving the pussy looking like it's 8 years old. You would like it.

#18 And when you're 40 you can last forever. With the aid of blue pills, of course.

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#16 the majority of premature ejaculators are UN-circumcised. the head unsheathes during penetration and it is so sensitive that the guy just blows his wad right away. the circumcised man's penis is less sensitive and therefore can fuck longer without ejaculating thus providing a better chance of orgasm for the woman.

#15 a circumcised penis looses neither length nor girth due to the circumcision.

#14 LOL cut guys on the rampage when someone mentions foreskin. Sad.

#13 There is a reason, that there are so many circumcised guys in porn. Not better but longer. One can argue about the benefits of both

#12 I think he is one of the guys who come after 1.2 seconds and he is jealous that circumcised guys can keep it up for hours

#11 He doesn't sound jealous

#10 If you're so jealous of circumcised guys, #4, be brave enough to get yourself done, or you're just a pussy.

#9 This is a porn site, please spread your retarded comments somewhere else and just enjoy the porn here. Can't understand why you even comment here, noone cares about your drivel.

#8 He most likely didn't ask for someone to cut off a part of his body as an infant. Can you give him his forskin back? No?

#7 it also doubles the risk of autism... look it up

#6 oh but there's tons of research - i know

#5 How could you even know what it feels like to be circumcised? Stupid comment

#4 i'm so glad i'm not circumcised. he doesn't even feel 10% of what i do.

#3 Anyone driving ??

#2 What a cock... I'd definitely suck it

#1 That's it--get to work. Good little whore.