lookup on Google Image and leave a comment if you find a good source!


#11 DAMN! Its Ashley Evans! Her profile on tinder: http://tinder.sexy/ashleyxo

#10 You can tell it's the same guy praising her photos (the photographer?), he keeps writing goddess and lister

#9 She looks pretty good considering she is 80 years old

#8 I apologize for plastering "goddess" and "a-lister" all over this site. Now I realize that I am in fact ze troll. Please forgive me.

#7 There are many on here who love her pictures and comment on them. The troll just answers its own questions to make it look like there is more than one hater.

#6 Gross is right. for lots of reasons

#5 It's carpet bombing with this one

#4 She looks greasy. Go take a shower. Gross.

#3 I'd empty my sack over her....

#2 Beautiful gal

#1 beautiful nipples