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#10 It would surprise you just how many beautiful women now days are having sex with dogs. The internet has taught them that it is SAFER sex than with another human being and it is correct. It just isn't socially acceptable so it has to be kept a closely guarded secret. http://hubbyofahotwife.tumblr.com/post/909503...

#9 #7 works for me but i wonder if the girls could take all the fucking

#8 Start on the left and work to the right

#7 why a weekend orgy? why not make it a permanent six-some.

#6 this trio would be great for a weekend orgy with me and 2 big dogs.

#5 1 handed nmbr 2 fapping

#4 My tongue now has a permanent erection.

#3 Buffet

#2 Or... Wow, three sexy ladies, I don't know where to start.

#1 Wow 3sexy ladys , dont no where to strt.