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#16 Women have sex with dogs. It is a fact. They have done it since the dawn of humanity. It was jealous men that made the laws against the practice. Now days with the world so over populated, women should be having sex with dogs instead of men to help lower population and at the same time have lots of intense orgasmic sex

#15 the skinny little gal in the middle is really cute. im afraid if she offered i would have to take her up on the offer even if she did just fuck a dog as suggested here in the comments. she is hot!

#14 Dog knots and girls g-spots were made for each other. they all have a pussy that is perfect for dog sex and they are in the right position to receive him.

#13 This looks like a prison invitation if I ever saw one

#12 i finally read the tumblr post and it does make some sense. i don't mean that i am going to go get the neighbors rottweiler and give it a go with him but i guess it does give a woman some "alternatives" that i had not thought of before.

#11 if these 3 youngies each had a big dog at home they might not be asses up in a limo about to fuck who knows and catch who knows what. they would be home waiting for mom and dad to go to sleep so they can have the dog satisfy them.

#10 It would surprise you just how many beautiful women now days are having sex with dogs. The internet has taught them that it is SAFER sex than with another human being and it is correct. It just isn't socially acceptable so it has to be kept a closely guarded secret. http://hubbyofahotwife.tumblr.com/post/909503...

#9 i would love to spend a week with these three girls and a pack of big horny dogs. the dogs and i would fuck them all raw and leave them satisfied. especially the one in the middle.

#8 lck/marry/fuck

#7 Would start with the middel one. Fuck her juicy pussy, while fingering the girl to the right. Then i would finish up in the girl to the left, fucking her ass wide open. Bar

#6 We just graduated ! And got no money

#5 gonna go for middle, then left and then right. sweet pussy lips.

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#3 Wish MY prom went more like THIS!

#2 reminds me of prom.....j/k...sigh.

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