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#13 What? Nothing about circumcision? Y'all really disappoint me.

#12 i would love to shoot her cervix with my pink pistol but i am afraid of her rifle.

#11 Funny how many idiots pretend to know guns. This is not a rifle and has zero kick, but dangerous nonetheless as the projectiles can penetrate you and is very capable of killing small animals and birds

#10 #3 is right i own such gun ... it uses very small pitted tungsten slugs.

#9 That's a really small penis.

#8 'Murica!

#7 Great space between the navel and the whoo-Ha..

#6 Well, if it does kick, she'll have a nice black eye.

#5 No that's a regular rifle

#4 One step closer and I will blow your balls off !

#3 She is holding it fine it is an air rifle with a split stock compression mechanism these air rifles not firearms have zero kick ... Congratulations you all learned something today eh

#2 Don't know how to hold a firearm? Don't.

#1 I love the shooting sports!