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#19 You're beautiful.

#18 #12+#16 Totally agreed, she is super cute and I'd even say she is marriage material! Show some love to the one's who are comfortable/confident in who they are & don't go an throw there food up right after eating it!!!!

#17 if portion control isnt in place at this time in her life, by 40 she will weigh 300LBS+!

#16 She is absolutely beautiful the way she looks and does not need anyone to tell her otherwise.

#15 pretty face but she does need portion control and exercise. i agree she would likely get kinky in the sack a lot quicker than the skinny girl and would do some bizarre things to keep a man coming back and filling her with cum.

#14 It's those eyes...you know she loves to fuck

#13 Really Cute

#12 Nothing wrong here at all. She's gorgeous and sexy as hell. Much better than the typical bag of bones you see these days.

#11 chubby chicks put out a lot of effort into sex in order to keep their man/men coming back for more. actually she is a little extra sized but i bet she is wild and kinky in the sack. not like those skinny bitches that just lay there.

#10 Curves? Where?

#9 Perfection

#8 Most women are only fucking one dude at a time so while you and your 'discerning tastes' are home alone wacking it, I'll be banging this cute little 'ton of meat'.

#7 Really cute

#6 That's a ton of meat? Guess you like fucking skeletons.

#5 Nothing wrong with some curves

#4 hotness

#3 That looks like a ton of meat...yuk!


#1 That's about the right size. Some meat on her, but not a ton.